Pigment spots | Laser removal of freckles chloasma lentigo in Kiev
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Eliminating neck wrinkles

The main types of age spots:

Freckles are congenital small spots. The pigment is located on the surface, it is easy to lighten. The lightening effect is short.

Chloasma - large pigmented spots with jagged edges. Merging, can occupy significant areas of the face, can spread to the neck. The effect of lightening is constant, provided that the original causes of the spots are eliminated.

Lentigo are young, sunny and senile forms. These are spots with a smooth edge, -15 mm. Most often localized on the cheeks and back of the hands. The lightening effect is long and persistent.


  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Taking certain medications;
  • Age;
  • Excessive sun exposure.

Procedures that eliminate defects:

    BBL - lightening of pigment spots - from 550 * UAH.

* The cost of the procedure depends on the selected zone